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Sep 16, 2014

Didn’t make the team

I didn’t make the team, I’m not sure if I’m sad about it or not, I was not very confident going in. He told me to train for the fall and come back in the winter but I’m not sure I want to do that…I kind of just wanna be a normal person now. I’m so sick of working for somehow my and then getting nothing in return. But that’s life I have many opportunities I can make for myself I don’t need track to define me anymore, it will always be a passion in my life but I guess this is gods way of saying I’m not meant for this sport

Sep 13, 2014


Today I tryout for the track team, I’ve been praying on it, and working for it, now its time to put two and two together and get what I want. Its time to prove to him I can be one of THE BEST on the team, with my hard work and dedication. Its showtime!

Sep 7, 2014


Really trying to get ready for this track season, really in dire need of some focus, I need to stay mentally and physically healthy this season, make sure I’m getting rest and keeping my body out of harms way. I want to be the on the track team here so bad, I will sacrifice anything, I’m really not sure when tryouts are but I know that I will be there and I WILL be on the team. I have to believe it before I can get it. 

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If you are insecure, guess what? The rest of the world is, too. Do not overestimate the competition and underestimate yourself. You are better than you think.
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Be miserable if you want. I’m going to hit my goals and keep going. People are so quick to make excuses and feel sorry for themselves. Screw that. I’m personally tired of being in that mindset. I’ll be the person kicking my ass every day to get to where I want to be.

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This commercial is amazing.

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Aug 5, 2014


Training is going extremely well! Can’t wait for College season!! I’ve been working really hard actually! Working on my weaknesses and making sure I’m doing things right! Can’t wait!

Aug 5, 2014


I guess going to my first real party yesterday was an interesting experience, it showed me how fun living my life like that could be, but I don’t drink or smoke, so I basically just talked and observed, but what I realized is that, these people who are so called “friends” kind of just get together to be able to post pictures, be seclusive, I’m. Or really sure if they were all true friends at that party, maybe I’m wrong though, but I realized that’s not the kind of life I want to live, I want to be someone who ppl look to as a role model not a party girl with a bad rep, but some of those people I love dearly, I just hope everyone gets a grip on reality and learns that partying is not the biggest thing in the world!


"My goal is to run the 400m for the Dominican National Track Team.""How close are you?""I’m about two seconds away. But the last two seconds took me four years."
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"My goal is to run the 400m for the Dominican National Track Team."
"How close are you?"
"I’m about two seconds away. But the last two seconds took me four years."

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